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Doughnuts and Top Cow

Nov 22, 2017

Josh and John talk through Witchblade #1, due out in early December!  There's talk about the relaunch, how it is different from the Witchblade titles of the past, and how it's similar to some Witchblade books of the past.

There are mini-crullers this week, cooked up fresh by the charming elderly lady drawn on the bag of...

Sep 29, 2017

Josh and John dive into doughnuts . . . Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free Katz Donuts, found in the health food freezer section of your grocery store. How were they? We'll tell you right away.

Then we dive into some Top Cow news, including a few details on who will be at NYCC and how to get some cool bookmarks!


Sep 15, 2017

Today we dive into the God Complex ashcan that was distributed at San Diego Comic Con this summer. We look at the toy line that inspired the upcoming comic series, and we offer our speculation about who Seneca really is!

We also talk a bit about the upcoming Wizard show in Madison and share a story about our brush with...

Sep 1, 2017

This time John and Josh dive into Genius . . . both the Vol. 1: Seige trade and the first issue of Siege: Cartel. These are both very important works in our current culture. And Josh surmises that the subject, unfortunatley, has been timely in several points of our country's history.

We kick it off with some unique and...

Aug 14, 2017

Josh and John take a dive into The Magdalena Vol 4 by Tini Howard and Ryan Cady.  We cover the story, the juxtaposition of demonic conflict and witty banter, and the art of Christian DiBari.  Oh, and we nosh on doughnuts from Festival Foods!