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Doughnuts and Top Cow

Jun 7, 2018

Blasting to the past, Josh and John take a look at Medeival Spawn and Witchblade #1 - the new mini-series crossover! We take a look at the art, some key story points, and our general advice about whether to pick this up!

Then Josh takes us through the latest Top Cow books solicited in the June Previews!

Doughnuts are...

May 14, 2018

We're back! And writer Zack Kaplan joins us to discuss the Top Cow series - Port of Earth. He talks about the characters and story development, very slightly teases the coming issues, and also touches on other projects in the pipeline.

No doughnuts this time, just comics!

Mar 3, 2018

Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman join us to talk Genius! This is an important work published by Top Cow that tackles some of the relaites of race relations, the income gap, the manipulation of political forces, and butt-kicking action.

We also talk about the creative process, from concept to execution. Oh. And some good...

Feb 17, 2018

Josh and John go all over the place today!

First, they eat some doughnuts - Vanilla Old Fashioned - from KwikTrip while they bid a goodbye to PDQ.

Next, they dive into Dissonance issue 1 . . . should you buy it? Listen and make up your mind!

Then, they close out with a look at the 4 books being solicited for April 2018.

Jan 26, 2018

Writer and Top Cow Publishing COO Matt Hawkins joins us to talk about the state of the industry, upcoming projects, and the diverse catalog of Top Cow books!

Join us and get some great inside scoops about Cyber Force and more!